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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Hunting Photos Top 10 (Hits)
1Eelpout's BruiserHunting Photos42708.758
2nice buck 11/6/06Hunting Photos41785.888
3my buckHunting Photos37187.333
4In the blindHunting Photos34898.899
5Goose fly byHunting Photos33899.003
6SD RingnecksHunting Photos33286.805
7Rifle Opener 2007Hunting Photos32007.502
82005Hunting Photos30467.002
92004Hunting Photos30115.502
10Iowa buckHunting Photos29817.003

Ice Fishing Photos Top 10 (Hits)
1Late night 24" eyeIce Fishing Photos1039410.001
2Millacs last year 20 belowIce Fishing Photos103009.333
324" Walleye on LOTWIce Fishing Photos99998.002
4Big and SmallIce Fishing Photos965810.001
5Monster EyeIce Fishing Photos84606.888
6DonkeyIce Fishing Photos641310.002
7Creeping In For A LookIce Fishing Photos50617.717
8FATPAT on Mille LacsIce Fishing Photos49758.205
912.2 Lb Eal PoutIce Fishing Photos49378.333
102 pound 1 ounce Crappie! 3/16/06Ice Fishing Photos42928.3010

Open Water Fishing Top 10 (Hits)
1Whale sharkOpen Water Fishing138730.000
229 Inch Rainbow - New PBOpen Water Fishing1302510.007
3Fat RollsOpen Water Fishing114460.000
4Jody Dahms MuskyOpen Water Fishing102938.9315
5Tx Bass with 3x TTBC champOpen Water Fishing59676.673
649in. Musky, my firstOpen Water Fishing49187.836
7Red River GreenbackOpen Water Fishing48798.7914
8Summer '06Open Water Fishing47239.3336
9highwater/flatheads Open Water Fishing43920.000
1043" metro muskieOpen Water Fishing42385.754

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