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Lake Trout Rookie.
LSF Member
From Ely Mn
Posts: 9
I was maybe going to try and go out and try to find some Lakers for the first time tomorrow. I went twice last year and had no luck, which I could have put more time into it, but was just fine walleye fishing. Anyways, what will I need to bring out bait and pole/line wise? Also, I have no idea where to go and I know fishing by groups is normally a bad decision, but should I just fish the outskirts of those groups or just find my own spot on the lake? Any help would be very useful!

Posted on: 2015/2/4 18:01
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Re: Lake Trout Rookie.
LSF Member
Posts: 61
They can really be anywhere in the winter. Points, rock walls, humps, fast-tapering breaks, etc. My comfort zone for lakers is 45-65 fow and they can really be anywhere in the water column, from hugging the bottom to 10 feet under the ice. I spend most time jigging 15-20 feet off the bottom but still work the entire column... drop down to the bottom and jig for a couple minutes, if nothing reel up 15 feet and jig a few more minutes, if nothing reel up another 15 feet and keep doing that until you're at the bottom of the ice.

There's a few types of baits that can all work... plastics like tubes, grub tails, and swim baits all around 4" and 3/8 oz weight will all work, I fish a white tube jig a lot. Flutter spoons, I like the 1/4 slender spoons. Rapalas, either a swimming style like a jigging rap or lipless cranks like the ripping rap. If you have 1 or 2 of each of these styles of baits you'll be covered well, if I had to pick just one it would be of the plastic variety.

If you're fishing the Ely area I think heavier walleye rods would be just fine if it's not something you want to dump a bunch of money into for just a couple times each year. Go with 8 lb or heavier, I personally like braid with a fluorocarbon leader.

To keep it simple on a new lake for you, I'd just pick a deep basin of the lake and then fish the tips of points extruding out into that basin, fish the humps in the basin as well if there are any. I'd try to pick spots with a fast tapering bottom to start so you can fish multiple depths from one spot. Definitely take note of where others are fishing on the lake.

Posted on: 2015/2/5 17:18
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Re: Lake Trout Rookie.
Hunting Field Staff
From Iron Range.
Posts: 1937
The above advise is spot on. The only thing I can add is that when you get a fish on the graph, make that fish become a chaser..... Play keep away with it, never letting that jig sit still. Once it gets aggressive, it WILL overtake and kill your jig. Up, down, as far as it will chase, make it catch the jig. They are not like a walleye, and a stationary jig when they approach will not usually get bit.

Posted on: 2015/2/5 17:33
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