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New waterfowl ammo out~
LSF Member
From central mn
Posts: 4532
By Hevi shot,thought these spec's were interesting,anyone shooting the high end steel shot take a looksey here,I see hevi shot is dabbling with bismuth nowadays and pricing has come down in some cases like hevi metal ammo... these specs show pellet weight and density which = down range kenetic energy for longer range kill shots. keep in mind when this ammo compares to lead in weight we old timers remember the days and results of copper plated lead,leads pellet weight is 9gr/cc steel no matter the manufacturer does'nt come close to these spec's unless using shot size like BB,BBB and T shot which most often results in more cripples beyond 45 yds

1. HEVI-18-18gr/cc

2. HEVI-Shot- Duck and Goose Loads, Magnum Blend, Dead Coyote-12 gr/cc

3. HEVI-X Strut-blended load 50% HEVI-Shot 50% HEVI-X

4. HEVI-X-10.1 gr/cc

5. HEVI-Bismuth-9.6 gr/cc

6. HEVI-Metal LR, a blended load, 70% steel at 7.8 gr/cc and 30% bismuth.

7. HEVI-Hammer, a blended load, 85 % steel and 15 % bismuth.

8. HEVI-Steel-7.8 gr/c

Please see link to website for more information;

Posted on: 2019/10/3 13:59
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