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First Time Out - Got Wet
LSF Member
Posts: 268
I took my family out for our first boat ride of the year. We were planning to run the boat and maybe find a few panfish. I backed the boat in and pulled it off the trailer. My wife parked the truck, and I beached the boat since the docks aren't in yet. My 2 kids tried valiantly to pull the boat closer to shore so they could hop on. I stood on the back casting deck to get the bow up a little more, hoping they could pull it a little closer to the beach. Unfortunately, my last step was a wet one. I fell off the back into the water and landed on my butt in the water. Wet phone. Wet wallet. Thankfully no harm was done to either. Only my pride. We still went for our boat ride and I tested out all of the electronics. We skipped the fishing part though as I was getting cold. First time I have fallen off a boat. Probably not the last. I hope you all got out to enjoy the weekend.

Posted on: 4/27 9:33:13
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Re: First Time Out - Got Wet
LSF Member
From So. St. Paul
Posts: 44
Funniest video moment!

Posted on: 4/27 14:35:41
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