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Ripple lake 2020
LSF Member
Posts: 97
Tough outing today, we were in search of crappies and bluegills. From watching the surrounding boats everyone was in search mode. We started on one of my go to spots and no green weeds, nothing up shallow except for a 17 inch 3.0 lbs. largemouth . Female photographed and released. Then after being in search mode we followed the break line around a third of the lake. Then we motored over to the basin where we finally decided to work deeper water since it appeared like nothing was shallow. After making two passes with just a long line out with a jig caught a 22 inch northern. Then we left before the rain started.

Posted on: 5/16 16:59:43
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Re: Ripple lake 2020
LSF Member
From Minnesota
Posts: 666
Ripple, if that is right off of Hwy 169 I have a buddy with a place on that lake. It's why they call it fishing and not catching. Everybody has tough days, stay after it.

Posted on: 5/17 14:31:08
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