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MN river, back to the old spot.
Staff Team
From Bloomington
Posts: 3777
So whit the water rising on the river the trail to my new Go To Spot requires waders or more "Testicular Gumption" than I have.

So the old spot was scouted and found to be accessible. The river has risen dramatically in the recent days. I wasn't sure how that would affect the fish. The water is high but not moving fast at all.

The shocking part is how many people were out shore fishing the MN river on a Thursday night. Had to be 12 groups within eye site on both sides of the river.

So it appears the effect of the rising waters is that all fish of any size are not there.

We get Channels Cats, Walleye, and Drums. All small. It still blows me away that the Walleye like worms. Never seen that any other place.

I was there 6pm - 10pm. Peaceful time and fish were caught so... bonus.

Walleye was 12".
Again,,,, click the pic to see it non-distorted.

Attach file:

jpg  smwalleye.jpg (481.53 KB)
5905_5ec82d124d432.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  river.jpg (76.52 KB)
5905_5ec82d25df537.jpg 605X471 px

Posted on: 5/22 14:51:09
Yes, Yes that is a 39" Pike.
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Re: MN river, back to the old spot.
LSF Member
Posts: 3283

This whole Covid thing is my Bad Karma!!

After retiring last fall, I was thinking that this spring I would have weekdays all to myself wherever I chose to go!!

Posted on: 5/23 12:48:42
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