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LSF Member
From Elk River
Posts: 298
Iím heading to perham for work next week and was looking for some advice on a few good lakes to fish. Not looking for hot spots I can figure that out, just some lakes that are better than others. Crappie and walleye, thanks


Posted on: 2020/12/22 18:47
60% of the time, I catch fish every time
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Re: Perham
LSF Member
Posts: 157
Hello, not sure if you found a lake or not but a few that are respectable fisheries include;

Rush Lake - Panfish/Walleye
Ottertail Lake- Walleye
Star Lake- Panfish/Walleye
Big Pine- Panfish/Walleye
Little Pine- Walleye
Dead Lake- Walleye

Posted on: 2020/12/29 11:37
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