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Re: Pout?
LSF Member
From St.Cloud, MN
Posts: 441
Oh to be your age again, I can remember those days it wasn't that long ago, enjoy it boys, it don't last forever!!! Once in a while after your married and have a few kids, the old lady cuts you lose for a guy weekend and then when you get home and she asked what you did you just tell you fished your butt off and didn't catch anything.

So do you professional pouters want to figure out a Saturday and do this little pout school session or not?

By the way I do not fish and drink, nor do I any longer drink and drive when I think about all the times I did the stupid!! when I was your age, and how many time not only did I not get caught but never had a problem, I think I God more then just a few. Man, was I ever fortunate that nothing ever happened.

Later JD

Posted on: 2007/1/30 13:56
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Re: Pout?
Pro Staff
From Fosston, Mn
Posts: 1975
goin poutin on lake bemidji tonight if anyone is interested in going.

Posted on: 2007/1/30 17:13
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