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Re: Insurance on your Fish House?
Field Staff
From Willmar, MN
Posts: 3988
I just got insurance on ours through our auto policy and it's about $12 a month (18' 2015 Ice Castle Mille Lacs Hybrid). Insurance guy described it as getting insurance on a travel trailer. Sounds like it will cover everything from hail damage to damage caused from tire falling off and hitting another vehicle, etc.

Posted on: 2017/4/1 3:12

2015 Team Archery Contest Winner
2016 Team Archery Contest Winner
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Re: Insurance on your Fish House?
LSF Member
From South Metro
Posts: 133
Did you ask if it covered falling through, break in, or vandalism? Just asking as it seems many here want to know how much is covered under what type of policy.

It seems logical if you're covered for break ins, fall thru, recovery, ect, you will pay more than just having it covered when it's attached to your truck. Alot of people love to say they got the cheapest coverage, and yes - in fact they did.

It's like when I first thought of getting a 55 gallon aquarium. First call was to insurance to see what was covered in case of "failure". Was told the tank or fish weren't covered, but water damage was. If I was told it wasn't - kids wouldn't have fish...

Just nice knowing what's covered before you NEED to know.


Posted on: 2017/4/1 18:31
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Re: Insurance on your Fish House?
LSF Member
Posts: 1360
Insurance is a gambling proposition..............What is most"likely"to happen to be insured will cost the most.Great rates are coverage of the least expensive possibilities..........again the insurance company is for profit and liability!!!!!!!Don't beat me up too bad "agents".c63

Posted on: 2017/4/4 16:21
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