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Re: Lake mapping chip
LSF Member
From fridley/winnie
Posts: 143
While it's true that Nav uses other data, it's the chip to have if you are looking for more of the smaller lakes. I use both for that reason and the availability to have surrounding states on the same chip.

Posted on: 2012/3/20 17:22
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Re: Lake mapping chip
LSF Member
From Central MN
Posts: 285

crestliner08 wrote:
I think the newest chip you can buy for that graph is a 2010 LM. Don't qoute me on that though because you may be able to get a 2011 non-micro that'll work. My cousin has the same graph in his rig and he's been running Navionics. It has rainy and LOTW on it where with LM you need a separate chip!

The 2011 LM chip is a full size SD card with a micro SD attached to the bottom, basically the full size SD card acts as an adapter to the bigger units, as long as you have the latest software versions, you should be able to change out chips from older unit to the newer ones. I have a lowrance expedition handheld that i run a 2011 lakemaster chip and run that same chip in my x111. the hanheld takes a little while longer to load being there is so much more info on it!

Tho navionics has more lakes on it, lakemaster is by far more accurate when it comes to contours.

I hope this answers a few questions!

Posted on: 2012/3/20 18:28
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