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Worried about a lake freeze out
LSF Member
From Hugo
Posts: 84
Hey all,

I need some help. I moved to a small lake in the NE Metro that had a MAJOR freeze out the winter of 2010 when a lot of the lakes had issues due to the heavey snows in December. I am worried its going to happen again since we have had so much snow already. There doesn't seem to be the 14 inches of snow on the lake right now but rather 3-4 inches of the crappy milky ice. Is there anything that can help with the light penetration or is the lake set for another freeze out with out clear ice and no way to get snow off of it this next snowfall we have coming Saturday??? The lake doesn't have any sort of creek or flowing water and doesn't have an aerator. Any help would be great as we just finally this fall saw signs of life returning.

Posted on: 2012/12/12 9:24
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Re: Worried about a lake freeze out
LSF Member
Posts: 964
I don't think there is much you can do to prevent it, just hope for the best in terms of weather from here on out.

Some lakes are prone to winter kill due to how shallow they are and how much weed cover they have. If the lake you are on is really heavily weeded with lower water levels you very well may see another winter kill if thing continute this way. There is still hope though, one storm does not make a winter. Still too early to tell exactly what the rest of the winter will hold.

Posted on: 2012/12/12 9:43
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Re: Worried about a lake freeze out
Jackbooted Thug
From Princeton,MN
Posts: 4610
About the only thing you can do is get a lake association together and inquire with the DNR about buying an aereator. It is very common on prairie lakes on the west side of the state. lake association pays for and maintains the aerator with a permit from the DNR.

But there is not much you can do this year.

Posted on: 2012/12/12 9:58
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