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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Trout Fishing
LSF Member
From Central MN/Blackhoof
Posts: 343
Went and fished some Winona County streams on April 17th. Not terribly busy but there were guys out fishing. Caught lots of browns and a couple rainbows between the two of us along with losing a few other fish. Biggest fish was a brown around 14", but we had one that looked to be around 18" roll on one drift, missed the fish.

Caught fish on a couple different flies, but the majority of the fish came on lighter brown and olive buggers with a little flash (Size 8 and 10 3X long shank).

It was a little slow until one of the fish we caught burped up a brook lamprey. After a couple other fish did this, we switched to the best match we had (the buggers), after that fish were just hammering the flies.

I started to wonder why the fish were keying on lamprey, so I looked it up today. Brook lamprey spawn in April apparently, so lots of readily available, concentrated food for the fish. Sort of the whole Big Mac vs. a small snack approach for fly selection.

No single structure seemed to stand out, we got fish in the tailouts, guts and heads of pools, in riffle sections, runs and pocket-water, bank cuts and under logs. Got fish on the dead drift and on the swing. Didn't seem to matter as long as we had something which resembled a lamprey on the end of the line.

Didn't see much surface activity but there were a few risers here and there, mostly smaller fish. Probably would have seen more of that kind of thing if the sun had been out and air temps a little warmer. Cloudy, windy and cool/cold most of the day.

Only saw a few toms strutting and only heard one gobble. Hens were everywhere including right on the side of the road. Chatted briefly with one of the C.O.'s out working, slow going for the turkey hunters so far according to what he was saying.


Posted on: 2014/4/18 15:50
Minnesota Steelheader
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Re: Trout Fishing
LSF Member
From andover
Posts: 4605
Thanks for the great report!! I'm getting excited to hit the north shore as soon as the rivers open up more and the ice near shore that was blown in recently moves out. Good luck.

Posted on: 2014/4/18 16:58

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