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Shore fishing
New Member
Posts: 4
To start things off, I am very new to river fishing. I have been out fishing the rum from shore a few times this past week and still haven't caught a single thing. I have mostly been using a jig w/ a curly tail or cranks. What kinds of things can I do to be more productive? Any general river or shore fishing tips? Thanks guys

Posted on: 2015/7/16 22:54
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Re: Shore fishing
Field Staff
From South Minneapolis
Posts: 1603
I'm sure there are more people here that can help you better than me as I don't fish the rum but I do fish the sippi from shore in MPLS frequently. this time of year i've stopped using jigs and cranks baits and have switched to a bottom rig with either worms or a minnow. I've had a couple 5 species trips lately doing this so you can catch pretty much anything which is one of the reasons why I fish the river in the first place (never know what you will catch). This is pretty simple fishing. Big enough slide weight to hold you on the bottom, something to stop the weight (i use a barrel swivel) 12-18 inches up with either a circle hook or floating jig or something along those lines at the end with a crawler or minnow. Try to find the edges of slack water, fish inlets/outlets, any deeper areas etc. Good luck!

Posted on: 2015/7/17 0:36
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Re: Shore fishing
LSF Member
From Cambridge
Posts: 493
Not sure where you are shore fishing but if you find a spot that has rock or wood you should be able to find some smallies. Soaking some crawlers will catch almost anything in the river.

Posted on: 2015/7/17 6:19
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