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English River at Grassy Narrows 6/15/16-6/19
Staff Team
From Mayer , MN
Posts: 4565
Thunder and I made the trek back to Sunset country with our boys and my dad. This trip is highly anticipated every year for good reason. Great fun, food and Fantastic fishing. Water levels were down below average but the fish levels were above! It was by far our best numbers ever! Water temps had risen to the mid to upper 60's so our shallow casting bite was a little slower than normal. Jigs dragged slowly and trolled crawler harnesses were the two best presentations. Now the agonizing wait till next year. It is such a great trip! I will have to get Thunder to add a few of his pictures.

Attach file:

jpg  20160614_212437.jpg (3,517.42 KB)
1887_5772fcc12dbe8.jpg 5312X2988 px

jpg  20160614_213946.jpg (3,267.76 KB)
1887_5772fd2776210.jpg 5312X2988 px

jpg  20160615_095947.jpg (3,118.97 KB)
1887_5772fd78b2ec1.jpg 5312X2988 px

jpg  IMG_7510.jpg (3,603.09 KB)
1887_5772fe9c10b2a.jpg 5198X3134 px

jpg  IMG_7519.jpg (1,692.22 KB)
1887_5772feda511eb.jpg 2448X3264 px

jpg  IMG_7530.jpg (2,288.66 KB)
1887_5772ff36b465f.jpg 2448X3264 px

jpg  IMG_7533.jpg (1,100.24 KB)
1887_5772ff78d4d0d.jpg 3264X2448 px

Posted on: 2016/6/28 17:57
LSF Staff
retro at lakestatefishing dot com
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Re: English River at Grassy Narrows 6/15/16-6/19
Posts: 4173
Those yearly trips are very special and taking the kids and family along sure makes it even better. Those are some dandy Northerns and Walleyes. Great pictures and glad to hear you guys were on the fish again this year. Thanks for sharing your photos with us here on LSF Jeff...........Kirk

Posted on: 2016/6/28 18:00
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Re: English River at Grassy Narrows 6/15/16-6/19
Staff Team
From Monticello/Paynesville
Posts: 3289
What a blast that must have been. Great pics and nice work on the fish boys!

Posted on: 2016/6/28 21:12
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Re: English River at Grassy Narrows 6/15/16-6/19
LSF Member
From Wright County
Posts: 7302
It does not get much better than family, friends, and fishing on the English! We had a blast despite some thunder and lightning that kept us off the water for half a day and saturated our tent! Here is some more pics

Attach file:

jpg  cheapsunglasses.jpg (95.93 KB)
1683_57753e7c128a5.jpg 960X960 px

jpg  joshgold.jpg (105.34 KB)
1683_57753e86081df.jpg 960X960 px

jpg  maynard22.jpg (96.00 KB)
1683_57753e905b487.jpg 768X960 px

jpg  jack26.jpg (120.84 KB)
1683_57753e9beafeb.jpg 960X960 px

jpg  MasterChef.jpg (75.05 KB)
1683_57753eb252042.jpg 528X960 px

jpg  Brontosteaks.jpg (95.28 KB)
1683_57753ebe5fd97.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  Pikecollage.jpg (127.93 KB)
1683_57753f4ceaa10.jpg 960X960 px

Posted on: 2016/6/30 10:46
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