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Youth Hunt?
LSF Member
From Southcentral, MN
Posts: 3731
Is there a minimum age limit for a kid to hunt? And do they need to take/pass a firearms class before they can hunt?

Posted on: 2016/9/2 15:23
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Re: Youth Hunt?
LSF Member
From Lake Lillian, MN
Posts: 764
The last I checked the youngest you could hunt is age 11. Kids 11-17 must complete an in-person class with field day or a 12 hour online course with an in-person field day.

Adults have the option of both an online course and online field day (don't ask me how that works).

Posted on: 2016/9/2 15:31
Brandon Zumwalt
Attorney, Dad and Fisherman-sometimes all at the same time.
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Re: Youth Hunt?
LSF Member
From Mn
Posts: 3137
In my day 1959 at 8 years old I needed a hunters safety certificate to hunt with supervision till I was 14 then I needed to be near a licensed hunter. At 16 then I could hunt alone and had to purchase a license. In 1981 my son needed the same safety certificate then in 84 the same.
I know the laws changed since and all new hunters no matter what age need the safety cirtificate. Look into it at the DNR site.
Heck when I was 28 an wanted to hunt in California I had to do the safety class again to obtain a license! All for safety reasons Good thing to do now with your kids!

Posted on: 2016/9/2 16:49
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Re: Youth Hunt?
LSF Member
From Central MN/Blackhoof
Posts: 343
Page 8 2016 Waterfowl Regs:
On September 10, 2016, waterfowl hunters age 15 and younger, when accompanied
by a non-hunting adult (age 18 and older, no license required) may take ducks,
Canada geese, mergansers, coots and moorhens from 1/2 hour before sunrise to
4p.m. Motorized decoys may not be used. Bag limits are the same as the regular duck
season. Five Canada geese may be taken statewide. Hunters ages 13 to 15 must have a
firearms safety certificate or apprentice hunter validation in their possession. All other
migratory bird hunting regulations apply.

Full Reg book, see page 35 for everything else on youth requirements

Posted on: 2016/9/3 8:32
Minnesota Steelheader
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