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Fuel Primer Losing Gas
LSF Member
Posts: 33
I have a 1994 Mercury Black Max 175 EFI on my bass boat. Everytime the motor is turned off for more than 20 minutes or so, or even when idling in a long channel, the fuel bulb becomes empty and needs to be pumped in order to start the motor and keep it running strong. It is a habit now that every time I restart the motor I go to the back of the boat and pump the bulb before takeoff.

It has done it ever since I bought the boat 4 years ago, we have replaced the fuel line, brought it in to a few repair shops and all they did was put in an anti siphon valve (didn't help). Is this just a common problem with a motor this age or does anyone have any idea what it might take to really get this fixed? Thanks.

Posted on: 2016/9/4 10:04
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Re: Fuel Primer Losing Gas
LSF Member
From Mn
Posts: 3140
You replaced the hose and bulb,Right? Did you reuse the connections to the fuel tank and motor?
There are O rings in those connections.If the hose and bulb were replaced replace those O-rings cheap fix or at least a try at fixing.Air is seeping in somewhere and thats the last look at the new hose an bulb still leaking air into the hose.

Posted on: 2016/9/4 14:00
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