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Re: Waterfowling in the 1970's & 80's
LSF Member
From Southcentral, MN
Posts: 3731
I always liked, to a certain extent, the noon start. We hunt within earshot of the town whistle and when it went off, that first shot would be fired and the skies above the big slough we hunted would turn into a black cloud of ducks flying everywhere! Such a cool sight to behold. We'd also fry burgers & brats at about 10:00am.

My first opener we had 4 magnum bluebill decoys set out. I used my grandpa's bolt action 410 and got 2 woodies, 3 teal and a plump hen mallard. My dad worked so hard to get me out there in a little plastic duck boat & he got all the ducks I shot too.

Tons of teal around in those days. One of the most challenging ducks to shoot when they fly full throttle IMO.

Posted on: 2016/9/7 21:28
Sunrise and sunset - if you see them both, it's been a good day!
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