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Red River 9-7-16
Pro Staff
From Grand Forks, North Dakota
Posts: 2307
My how things change. Last week there was a lot of grass and debris in the water that once settled out spurred fishing to the point of spectacular then the big rains came. So far the rain has perked up the catfish in the Grand Forks area. There are lots of big fish to be caught near the fast water seams or areas where water is running into the Red. Sitting 30-40 minutes has made a big difference in catching numbers of fish. This may or may not hold over the weekend so play with sit times some. Water levels are nearly perfect for getting anywhere you want to go around the Grand Forks area. With that, said the ramps in Drayton are under water yet again and will be a week or two until they are ready again.

The best bait has been sucker then frogs Frozen sucker seems to be working better than fresh.

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Posted on: 2016/9/7 19:10
Capt. Brad Durick
LSF Pro Staff-
Red River Catfish Guide
Catfish University
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