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Re: Fishing Mississippi
LSF Member
From Princeton,MN
Posts: 4642

marmooska wrote:
Thank you guys for all the good info. I'll put aside the drop/shot rig for a while and try the Lindy. I have such a fear of losing tackle, but JJ set me straight on that. I'll practice and search for good locations.

Always a battle on that end. i do a lot of bargain bin tackle shopping!

I never seek to lose tackle, but I average a crankbait and a couple jigs/8hrs on the water. Just the pains of playing the game.

Posted on: 2016/9/22 17:15
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Re: Fishing Mississippi
LSF Member
From St. Cloud
Posts: 198
JJ. I fished above the dam yesterday at Munsinger Garden. I used a crankbait and was surprised that it didn't get hung up and now feel more confident with it. Caught one smallie on it. Fished a lindy with a worm crawler and lost that one right away and didn't really know how to fish it in current. A young man was doing well closer to the dam using the rattl trap lures you like. He told me that for walleyes I would probably need a boat as they are deeper.

I appreciate the info. from DrewFlu33. I didn't know some of the basics, like casting upstream, looking for seams in the current. And I plan to try the wacky rig. Beside smallies I haven't caught anything else.

Posted on: 2016/9/23 8:49
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