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Re: Beyond frustrated.
LSF Member
Posts: 1219

Loopy wrote:
JJ with your experiences how long does it usually take for a shipment to clear customs?

I don't deal with firearms and customs but we do deal a lot with customs in both the US, China, and India at work. From my experience customs in each country takes exactly as long as they want to. We get stuff that clears customs relatively quickly and other containers will sit in port for a month or more waiting for customs. Throughout the entire process all we can do is wait and tell our customers that things are held up in customs with no ETA, we can sort of guess on an ETA based on prior experiences but its only a guess. We get told when they are released but we don't get much of a progress report during the process, they are simply held until they aren't any more. And we aren't dealing with anything that would receive any extra scrutiny like firearms might.

If a company tells you that a shipment is held up in customs with no firm ETA I wouldn't doubt they are telling you the truth and there wouldn't be a thing they can do about it other than to ask for your patience.

Posted on: 2016/10/20 13:15
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