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Minnesota Fishing Reports

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Re: Big Push?
LSF Member
From Mesabi Iron Range
Posts: 222

smackem33 wrote:
Why do the Dakotas get a longer season than Minnesota? I wish they would shut our season down for more than just five freaking days to extend it into December

Different flyways. Central (NoDak, 75 days) v. Mississippi (Minnesota, 60 days).

Posted on: 2016/11/30 13:11
"Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not." -- Thomas Jefferson
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Re: Big Push?
LSF Member
From central mn
Posts: 4413
Came across this pic from last season,my buddy's 8 year old has the fever and carried on this year.

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jpg  reid.jpg (89.20 KB)
4510_583f281f66b7e.jpg 720X960 px

Posted on: 2016/11/30 14:27
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