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Grouse Patterns in Snow
LSF Member
From Bemidji, MN
Posts: 22
Hey guys, I do a fair amount of grouse hunting in the fall and have only been out once after it snowed searching for birds. I didn't have any luck that day. What are their patterns when there is snow on the ground. Do they mostly stay up in the trees? I am looking to fill time before the ice sets up and with this recent snowfall I am looking for a few tips. Any info helps. Thanks!

Posted on: 2016/11/18 21:33
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Re: Grouse Patterns in Snow
LSF Member
From On the fish!
Posts: 386
I find them in the same general areas all season long they don't seem to mind snow and stick out like sore thumbs... another nice thing is you can find there tracks and follow them until you catch up to the bird I enjoy hunting them in the snow if the weather is decent

Posted on: 2016/11/19 7:27
Awaiting the next bite...
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Re: Grouse Patterns in Snow
LSF Member
From Central MN/Blackhoof
Posts: 343
I was out yesterday (11.27) pulling some stuff out of stands for the year and brought the popgun along. I'm glad I did...

Flushed 6, managed shots at three and got two. I tried following tracks but never flushed any that way. All of them were on edge cover along balsam/ brushy transitions, and finding balsam/hazel stands with some bare ground seemed the most productive.

I could feel the hazel catkins in the crops, didn't even have to open one up to figure that out, they were gorging on the stuff.

I opened up both later and mixed in with the hazel catkins were a lot of wild strawberry leaves and something else (small leaves) I couldn't identify. There is still quite a bit of green wild strawberry along those balsam lines. The balsams kept the snow off the ground to a degree which made for easy pickings. Not sure what's in your area but this was in Carlton County. I'm sure once the green stuff finally goes dormant they'll finish off the hazel and move on to aspen buds. That's when I usually start finding them in aspen stands/in the trees.

Posted on: 2016/11/28 21:41
Minnesota Steelheader
"Beer is proof that God loves us & wants us to be happy" Ben Franklin
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