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Cuddeback cam error
LSF Member
From Mora
Posts: 1721
I have a older cuddeback c-3000 model which took the best pictures of any camera ive ever had. Last year it quit working. As soon as it takes a picture a cam error message comes up. Ive been researching to see if there is a way to fix it but, Im not having much luck. I contacted cuddeback several times but, never hear back from them. Besides Im sure they would just offer to replace it with a newer model which I would rather not do. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem with the older models and if there is a fix to the problem.

Posted on: 2016/12/7 9:44
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Re: Cuddeback cam error
LSF Member
From MN
Posts: 119
I had this problem on a newer model. Kept getting error messages.

The picture on the Cuddeback was awesome, video's were terrible. I returned it for a full refund.

Posted on: 2016/12/7 13:22
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Re: Cuddeback cam error
LSF Member
From Central MN/Blackhoof
Posts: 343
Couple things you can try for any cam:

Check to see if there are firmware updates you can install - That option is out, I went to the Cuddeback site out of curiosity and there aren't any releases for the C3000

Clear your onboard memory/make sure it's clear before putting your SD card in

Check your SD card-
They can go bad. Make sure you let the cam format or manually format the card first before attempting to capture any images. It looks like the C3000 is pretty particular about file systems. It's using FAT32, if you popped the SD card into a USB reader and erased it from a PC using Win7, 8 or 10, there's a potential for it to have been reformatted using NTFS which the C3000 can't use to store images. It would throw an error after you put the card back into the cam that point.

I have the reverse problem with an old Moultrie. It uses FAT32, but my latest digital camera uses NTFS. If I put the Moultrie card into the digital to look at pics, it will either throw a "card cannot be read" or "Card contains no images" error. If I put it into an old digital point and shoot (FAT32), it reads just fine.

If the original card doesn't work after formatting, try a different card, but make sure that one is formatted by the cam as well.

Looks like there are no max SD Card size restrictions for the C3000, but it's worth looking into. I have one Primos that I can only run up to an 8GB card in. If I try to use a 16GB card, it doesn't error, but it doesn't store images either.


Posted on: 2016/12/7 18:49
Minnesota Steelheader
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