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Fantastic LED Headlamp - hunting or ice fishing
LSF Member
From Coon Rapids
Posts: 91
During hunting season my brother brought up some LED headlamps he bought off ebay. Hit the button to turn it on - Holy shxx was it bright. I could see deer right out the front door of the shack - 300yrds away. 5000K lumens, maybe, maybe not. Bought 4 pair and tested them last night.. On the high power it was still kicking out decent light after an hour. The low power (which is still very bright) went 1.5hrs before I turned off an went to bed. The light distribution is also very good, not just a straight laser beam. Yes it's a cheep China import, but seems to be put together rather well. Comes with a stretchable headband (around the head & strap up the middle) and an adjustable light (up and down). Also, comes with rechargeable batteries (removable/replaceable), wall charger & car charger and supposedly waterproof. Price on ebay 8.98 with free shipping. I've spent money on a lot worse things, just thought I'd throw it out there in case your looking for a light for tracking deer or for ice fishing.

5000LM XM-L T6 LED Rechargeable Headlight Head Lamp + 2Pcs 18650 + Charger US

Posted on: 2016/12/13 22:19
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Re: Fantastic LED Headlamp - hunting or ice fishing
LSF Member
From Anoka
Posts: 386
THX for tip this appears to use Ecig batteries also which I already have and could swap out in a pinch.

Posted on: 2016/12/15 15:10
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