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2017 Red River Seminars in Grand Forks
Pro Staff
From Grand Forks, North Dakota
Posts: 2343
2017 Red River Seminars in Grand Forks

I have two seminars coming up in February. Feb 7th is Introduction to Catfishing and Feb 21st is Fishing the Red River. The first is how to get started catching catfish. The gear and basics. The second is more of a basic how to with a lot on seasons location and electronics. Both nights we will leave a lot of time for Q&A. Complete info below.

Introduction to Catfishing

This is a starting point to catfishing. We start at the beginning with some catfish basics. We will then explain what you will need for gear and how to rig it up properly. From there we will go into baits, basic locations and patterns to catch catfish. We will also discuss some basic applications of the Red River that will help get an angler off to the right start. Shore fishing or boat fishing, we will get you started.

Tuesday, February 7
7-9 PM Community HS-Rm 4

Fishing the Red River

If you fish the Red River or are interested in learning more about it, this seminar is for you. We will concentrate on the catfish that call the Red home with proven techniques used by Red River catfish guide Brad Durick. We will discuss specifics of the Red River, catfish patterns & adjustments that can be made to be more successful. We will also touch on some of the walleye opportunities that the Red River presents.

Q&A at the end of class.

Tuesday, Feb. 21 7-9 PM

Community HS-Rm 4

COST $15

Adult Community Education link on the GF Schools Web Site---
---under the District tab

Posted on: 2017/1/20 15:28
Capt. Brad Durick
LSF Pro Staff-
Red River Catfish Guide
Catfish University
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