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LSF Member
From Sauk Centre
Posts: 191
Was our on Little Rock Lake today. Caught enough cleanable perch to make a meal. Not the Jumbos I was hoping for, but I have them soaking in a little ice water so I can cook'em up

Posted on: 2017/1/20 19:56
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Re: Perch
Staff Team
Posts: 4315
Nothing like a meal of cold water perch to settle the tummy. Glad you got out and caught some fish. Thanks for the report and glad to see some of our first members back on LSF and posting a bit. My Aunt Tilly used to live in Sauk Center and we visited back in the 60's to her little acreage but I am sure it is all gone by now..................Kirk

Her acreage was connected to the Boy Scout acres back in the day and we caught bullheads right behind her house.

Posted on: 2017/1/21 16:31
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Re: Perch
LSF Member
From Saint Cloud
Posts: 803
Good job with the Perch, my favorite to catch and eat. Have not found much of them around this year, but still lookin.

Posted on: 2017/1/24 11:50
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