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Re: Take A Vet Fishing - Mille Lacs - 2017
LSF Member
From North shore of Mille Lacs
Posts: 1695
We missed you this year, Kirk! It's been a pretty busy week, but I finally got something to show you guys that had to miss it.
TAVF FRED KNUDSEN MEMORIAL 3RD ANNUALON MILLE LACS! To give you a better understanding of our growth with this particular event, here are some numbers: Our first appearance in 2015, we were able to take out 33 Veterans out on the water. The word got out about who Take a Vet Fishing was and we welcomed a few more new faces, 49 Veterans in 2016 to be exact. Today, we took a total of 76 VETERANS out fishing! What will next year bring?! HUGE thank you to our 29 Guide Boats, the winds were blowin' and the waves were rockin' but we all made it through the morning, getting to pull up some nice fishing. Once we all made it off the water, the winds died down and the sun shined through, giving us a real special honor ceremony for all our men and women.

Attach file:

jpg  TAVF1701.jpg (42.03 KB)
18706_59a2e8289f89f.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1702.jpg (94.67 KB)
18706_59a2e88fa9e62.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1601.jpg (132.09 KB)
18706_59a2e8cbda413.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  TAVF1602.jpg (155.50 KB)
18706_59a2e902145ae.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  TAVF1604.jpg (143.21 KB)
18706_59a2e93371097.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  TAVF1607.jpg (103.11 KB)
18706_59a2e98a4ecdd.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  TAVF1608.jpg (90.27 KB)
18706_59a2e9ceaaad6.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  TAVF1609.jpg (68.74 KB)
18706_59a2ea1dacf92.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  TAVF1704.jpg (90.00 KB)
18706_59a2ea6cc6643.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1709.jpg (101.21 KB)
18706_59a2eb8759044.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1730.jpg (105.38 KB)
18706_59a2ed4de4058.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF 1731.jpg (142.72 KB)
18706_59a2ed9a00215.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1737.jpg (131.32 KB)
18706_59a2edf40d013.jpg 960X540 px

jpg  TAVF1740.jpg (176.10 KB)
18706_59a2ee2d748ca.jpg 810X960 px

Posted on: 2017/8/27 11:07
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Re: Take A Vet Fishing - Mille Lacs - 2017
Staff Team
Posts: 4303
That is awesome and I appreciate the great report and great pictures. It was a great experience last year and hopefully I will be up next year..........Kirk

Posted on: 2017/8/27 11:54
Only 2 defining forces have ever offered to die for you....Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

Pro Staff- The Dangler

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Re: Take A Vet Fishing - Mille Lacs - 2017
LSF Member
From central mn
Posts: 4413
Thats great fishpole,I see this expanding in the future,just think if Hunters really broad casted this event on T.V. and or the radio,maybe have a news station come out and record this event,that would be better yet and also help other businesses in the area by drawing attention to your effort and the mille lacs community.

Posted on: 2017/8/28 12:46
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