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Wheelhouse First Timer
LSF Member
From Cloquet, MN
Posts: 33
Hi all,

My wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase our first ice house this past week, a very lightly use 2014 8x16 Grey Wolf. Even though I have fished out of them quite a bit, this is my first time owning one. We will be using it quite a bit during the summer camping at the lake as well, so I will have all summer to decide what gear/supplies to stock it with for the winter.

However, I do have a couple questions. Aside from greasing the axles, what do you guys do to maintain/lube the cables and cranks? Also, what type of fan does everyone prefer to maintain airflow during the winter? Lastly, are there any tips/tricks or gear recommendations to keep stocked or have with during the winter?

Thanks for any input! I'm looking forward to putting this to good use!

Posted on: 3/17 17:36:41
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Re: Wheelhouse First Timer
LSF Member
Posts: 29
Immediately put a package of pens and some note pads in there. Then you will always have something to take notes and make a list of the things you want in there. Some of the best ideas are forgotten when i walk out of the door of mine.

Posted on: 3/18 13:50:59
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Re: Wheelhouse First Timer
LSF Member
From South Metro
Posts: 112
since you'll likely be running a generator anyhow, a small oscillating desk fan mounted on the ceiling will work as far as pushing heat down. Someone I fish with regularly uses the fan on his AC unit - you can barely talk over it...

Posted on: 3/24 7:02:12
Give a man a fish - he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he want to borrow your rods, reels, sonar, auger fish house, boat...
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