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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Big Windy 3/23-3/28
LSF Member
From Swan lake
Posts: 24
Group of 9 of us went up last thursday fished half day thursday - monday night Over all caught 375-400 fish between all of us. Biggest was 29.5. 2 other 29's, 2 28's, 4 in the 27"range Roughly 25 fish over in the 20-26" range. All the 15-18"ers you could want. Live Target was a hot lure, along with the dead stick and frozen shiners. We fished the south basin a few days and then made the run along the east side to Elk Island in that area. We wanted to try to get the river mouth up that way but there was open water around the island that stopped us. Never fished the east side before that far up but will definitely do it again!!!! Noticeable change in the size of the fish this year as well, as its been in years prior we should have had many more bigger fish. Oh well.. Nets were everywhere we went on the lake , watched them pulling one out monday and it was amazing to see the fish they take. wow

Put on over 230 miles on my ranger and when we left the lake monday night the lake was definitely getting soft and cracks were really opening up. Great time can't wait to go back!

Posted on: 2017/3/29 12:03
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Re: Big Windy 3/23-3/28
Staff Team
From Mayer , MN
Posts: 4700
Thanks for sharing the report!

Posted on: 2017/3/29 15:09
LSF Staff
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