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Re: 2017 Game Cam Thread
LSF Member
From St. Paul, Hackensack-Longville-Leech
Posts: 702

bottlebass wrote:

CaughtABuzz wrote:
It's advertised to do the same things you are recommending yours for, whether or not it does that I don't know. I only have 20 acres and 2 cameras right now. Next year I could try to scale your recipe down. This is all a little new to me so I'm flying by the seat of my pants so far. They did like the apple flavor though, the deer seemed to stick around for about 8-10 mins.

Yeah that will work perfect.....there is no doubt in my mind that mineral will grow larger bucks and healthier does and fawns. The land we hunt was the same land my grandpa was born on, since the beginning they never consistently shot nice deer and it stayed this way until I started 20 years the last 10 we have really focused on food plots and mineral sites, we are also lucky to have a nice chunk of land and awesome neighbors that do the same.....Now we shoot a wall hanger or 2 every year and the neighbors do the same.

It is tough to scale down the recipe cause you get the 3 ingredients in 50lb bags....however I use a large tote to mix everything by pouring some of each in and stirring to mix equally. I use the entire tote in one day, but you could just mix a batch at beginning of season that fill a 5 gallon bucket for each re-fill, on 2 acres you could probably get 3 sites going that way?

Posted on: 5/12 8:05:26
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