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Trout Fishing
LSF Member
From South Metro
Posts: 10
I live an hour south of the metro and was wondering where the closest/best place would be to do some trout fishing. I have never tried before so I have no idea where to begin but I know there is none around here. Also, what are the best techniques for targeting trout. Thanks

Posted on: 2017/4/30 18:01
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Re: Trout Fishing
LSF Member
Posts: 151
The southeast streams are your best option. Just look at a map of the area and decide which streams are most convenient for you to drive to. The whitewater and root river systems are the most well known trout streams, but just about every stream has trout. I believe the DNR website has a map with public access/easements, as well as other info about the streams. Hay creek outside of Red Wing is a popular stream. The Zumbro River is more of a bass stream, but I've caught some dandy brown trout out of there as well.

I like to use an ultra light rod/reel combo with 4 lb test line. Makes even the little trout feel like brutes! Small mepps or panther martins is all you need. Dark, natural colors work best. Rebel crayfish and frogs are good, as are small rapalas.

Posted on: 2017/5/1 11:25
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