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How do you know?
Field Staff
From Pool 4
Posts: 172
How do you know if your kids are addicted to fishing as much as you are? When you go back inside after hooking the boat up at 3:30am to wake up your kids and they are both standing there fully dressed, ready to go worried you are going to leave with out them!

With the water a little lower than I would like for the post spawn we set out early looking to pitch some cranks. Didn't take long and we started out with a chaotic double hook up with each kid landing a respectable 26" and 29.25" eye in the same net! The rest of the day was a little more calm boating 40+ eyes mostly on cranks. The fish definitely came in waves.

The water has stabilized and with a little better clarity at the end of the week the bite should be outstanding.

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Posted on: 2017/5/7 19:29
If I could only stay awake to hunt and fish 24 hours a day.
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Re: How do you know?
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3862
Fantastic booner! Very cool to see the kids share your enthusiasm. They will be participating in our favorite sport for the rest of their lifes!

Posted on: 2017/5/7 20:47
If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? Vince Lombardi
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Re: How do you know?
Staff Team
From Bloomington
Posts: 3777
That is fun to seem the kids so excited. It helps to have a quality guide!

I bet momma loves when you all go fishing as well!

Posted on: 2017/5/8 8:11
Yes, Yes that is a 39" Pike.
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