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Re: Opener results
LSF Member
From Lakeville
Posts: 39
Wooooweeeee, I love this site, Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The DNR has screwed up everything they have tried to manage. If the numbers are up the tribe gets more fish and the mysterious numbers of fish the anglers catch goes up with very little if any facts

I have many small lakes that I fish that the DNR doesn't control at all. You know what the results of that are; I learn the lakes and catch nice fish in nice numbers and it's not over populated with anglers every time I visit. Some years its great and some years its slow but it always fluctuates just like the snowfall in the winter. Stop trying to screw with mother nature.

For gods sake if all the fish on Mille Lacs are starving then why do you have to throw them all back. Doesn't that make the situation worse.

And my last thought; if the DNR is actually using numbers posted on forums from fishing reports we are all in trouble. That information is about as fictional as Santa Clause.

Posted on: 5/17 19:56:54
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Re: Opener results
LSF Member
From St. Cloud
Posts: 359
Whoa, wait... Santa Claus is fictional?

Posted on: 5/17 20:12:33
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