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leech 13th yhru 17th
LSF Member
From Zimmerman/MilleLacs
Posts: 118
Had one of my best trips ever.3 of us in my boat caught just shy of 200.11 over 26 and plenty of keepers also.Long lining lindy rigs with leeches was our best option at about 06 while trolling was best.In the big waves we just drifted with the sock.Speeds varied from 07 to 1.5 but they still bit.Little concerned about the ratio of big fish to small.Just started fishing leech again last year and have consistently seen about a 4 to 1 ratio of big fish.As much fun as that is we all know from M L you can"t have a lake full of big fish.Fortunately the forage seems to be abundant as a lot of the fish were spitting up lots of shiners.Couldn" get my pics to load.When my son gets home will try to post pics.

Posted on: 2017/5/22 9:34
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