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Re: Guide question
LSF Member
From East Bethel
Posts: 313
Interesting opinions. I work as a guide and I don't care if you bring a GPS. With all the latest technology it makes catching so much easier. I get paid to take people fishing and show them a great time. I do think it is rude to sit there and mark way points the whole time. You can fish the same spot the next day and the fish wont be there. Also, working as a guide for 20 + years, you learn not give up your sweet spots, but spots that can produce fish. Just because I enjoy teaching people structure and how and why to fish it doesn't mean that I am going to give away all my secrets. If I know your a local looking for good spots, I will adjust accordingly, if your from out of town wanting to catch fish......I might be a little less protective. It isn't hard to figure that out. Remember that the guides rely on this to give clients a great experience and earn a living. I would like to think that as sportsmen and women, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Posted on: 6/5 22:11:08
Life is's tougher when you are stupid! (John Wayne)
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Re: Guide question
LSF Member
From Minnesota
Posts: 486
My opinion only. These guides work hard to give you a enjoyable day on the water. If you want to GPS their hard work ask beforehand (when you are booking the trip) if he says no move along to the next guy.

I would guess you guys think you are getting the guides very best spots? You are getting spots that he thinks you can catch fish on. You aren't getting his best spots.

Posted on: 6/7 17:20:52
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Re: Guide question
LSF Member
Posts: 13
Listen, I guess we really have to break it down.

Tourists/greenies = exact spot re-fish location

Fisherman w/ brain = information.

Why,where and the whats all determine why a particular spot.

On a specific lake, a specific spot at a specific time can be looked at as a window into what's going on. You can later pull up analysis and go from there.

PS, guides and resorts are not geniuses as this is not genius work.

Just hours logged, time in.

PPS as you see above, never lay your cards out to the guide completely either, as they have their agenda also, which is fair.

It's business, like anything else, never forget it. Not personal. So don't take it that what.

Guides are like strippers, they want to make you feel like your the only guy getting the sweet spot.

Posted on: 6/7 18:53:16
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Re: Guide question
LSF Member
From Carver County
Posts: 725
I see it like this...

The client has paid for a half day / full day on the water. I'll do my very best to make it the best fishing experience you've ever had. The client paid for it and it's my job. I have enough repeat clients to confirm this. I've given away extra time if fishing was slow and even refused payment if I felt I didn't uphold my end of the deal.


All things considered, what you didn't pay for is riding electronic piggy back on 2+ decades of time on the water. I've shown you how and basically where. If you need exact coords... I'm good with that, but I'll be raising my price. Big time!

Sneaking in a GPS is, in my opinion, is bad form. If you're wondering about using a GPS with me... just ask. Personally, I wouldn't do it to any guide I hire and expect the same respect from my clients. That said, I don't allow any client GPS on my boat. They know this up front and I have yet to hear any complaints. My guess is that if a new prospect didn't like it, they went elsewhere. OK... Bye.

I'll step into my phone booth and put on my flame proof suit. Then I've got to prepare for a full weekend on the pond with my long time clients from Iowa. Gonna be a warm one I hear...

M-H out...

Posted on: 6/7 23:35:44
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