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mid july carlos chain
LSF Member
From Maple grove
Posts: 589
hey guys and gals looking for any help or advice on fishing during this time period. My wife's family got a state spot on the north end of carlos and I'm trying to figure out how to catch some fish be it walleye, sunfish, or crappie for a fish fry. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. They said its super clear so no one catches anything more than a bass or small sunfish. A reply or PM would be great. thanks in advance

Posted on: 2017/6/14 14:59
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Re: mid july carlos chain
LSF Member
From St. Paul, Hackensack-Longville-Leech
Posts: 725
PM Sent

Posted on: 2017/6/14 15:09
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Re: mid july carlos chain
New Member
Posts: 1
Hey there. Was coming here to start a topic on this exact situation but looks like theres no need to start a new one!

Im staying at Arrowwood July 2-5 and looking to catch some 'eyes for a fish fry or 2. Never been to the area before so I dont have much to go by other than my overall knowledge of Walleye fishing elsewhere. Ill probably be fishing early mornings and dusk for obvious reasons, but also because my boat will be used for the majority of the days for entertaining the girlfriends family. Im open to fishing not only Darling, but Carlos and Le Homme Dieu as well.

From what ive read and can see on Google Earth, the lakes are pretty clear, and from experience, usually means tough walleye fishing for this time of year. -I grew up fishing Woman Lake in the Longville/Hackensack area and that lake is as clear as they come. The only way we can snag some 'eyes in the summer is to fish the deep weed lines. Is that the approach I should be taking on these lakes? Does dragging rapalas across mid-lake flats produce? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Posted on: 2017/6/22 8:52
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