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Slim Lake BWCA entry #6
LSF Member
From Chaska
Posts: 15
Has anyone been on Slim Lake in the BWCA recently. It is entry point #6.

Will be heading up there next week with a couple buddies and was wondering what to expect for fishing.

It is a rather deep lake with steep edges and was just looking for some advice on what works well on a lake like this.

I will post a follow up on how the fishing was.

Thanks in advance.

Posted on: 2017/6/16 23:22
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Re: Slim Lake BWCA entry #6
Field Staff
From South Minneapolis
Posts: 1587
What will you mainly be targeting? Eyes? Bass? Northerns?

Lakefinder doesn't have real good info for the lake. I've never fished it but many of the lakes in the BWCA are similar. Steep drop offs with lots of rocks on shore and very little vegetation due to the rocks.

I've had good luck for eyes fishing rocky structure wither points or underwater islands if you can find them. If the water is clear you may have to fish deeper than you think. Will often catch bass shallower on those rocks. Otherwise if you can find any type of vegetation either in bays that may be shallower or random spots along the shore line should be able to catch northerns and bass there. Don't underestimate top water frogs for both bass and northern. Some of the best bass fishing I've ever had has been on top water frogs in late june in bays on lakes like you are going. Otherwise original float rapalas in various size and colors (my personal favorite #7 walleye).

For eyes in the BWCA I always just recommend simple. Plain #8 hook with a leech and split shot 12-18" up. Can slip bobber it or just cast it out and let it sink. Jig and leech work great too.

let me know what you are fishing for and I can be more specific.

Posted on: 2017/6/17 9:37
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