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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort NW Angle Lake of the Woods7-11-17
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From Flag Island, MN NW Angle
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Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort 7/11/17
Last week we had a few thunderstorms roll through and the temperature is indeed telling us we are in July. The bug hatch has wrapped up and the water temps are rising. The cabbage and weed growth is reaching full growth as well. We recently sponsored two teams, Ron Bachleitner and Chris Pinket and Forrest Husset and Shaun Husset in the Wiley Point Musky bowl and we are proud to announce that they took 2nd and 7th place.
On the Minnesota side, the walleye, sauger, perch and pike bite are good. The walleyes have begun feeding on crayfish on the rocks and in the sand while the saugers are found in the mud and on rock bars. The depths to fish have been between 12 and 28 feet. Drifting and trolling with spinners near reefs as well as jigging on rocks and reefs have both been successful. The magic colors have been gold, orange and pink. The water temp is 72.3 degrees.
Over in Ontario, the walleye, saugers, perch, smallies and muskies have been biting. The Walleyes are moving off of mud areas to mid lake rocks and reefs and are feeding heavily on crayfish. Jumbo perch have been caught in these areas as well. Muskies are being seen and caught on rock points and reeds. The magic depths for Walleyes and Saugers are 16 to 28 feet for perch 28 to 32 feet and for musky 5 to 10 feet on rocks. 3/8 oz jig and minnow combo or spinners with a crawler have been the best for walleye. Pink, orange, gold and green have been the best colors. Spinnerbaits, topwaters and bucktails for muskies in orange and black have been best.
Until next week, good luck fishing!
Guides, Dan Schmidt, Jeremy Glessing and Cale Albers
Flag Island Resort 28-223-8011

Posted on: 2017/7/11 10:45
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