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Re: Mille Lacs resorts
LSF Member
Posts: 102

MasterGopherHunter wrote:

I have wondered why there seems to be a cold attitude about bass fishermens' effect on the local economy. At this point I'd think any business you can get should be happily welcomed.

I'm just happy this is a good discussion and not an argument.

The title of this thread is Mille Lacs resorts. The question earlier was about staying at a resort. If you are taking day trips and using public accesses that doesn't do much for the resorts, does it?

I am not a resort owner, just simply pointing out my observations to the stated question, which I think are fairly accurate. I would also agree with what was said earlier that the resorts will probably need to find a new way to market themselves and appeal to more groups

Posted on: 2017/8/2 13:05
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