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Minnesota Fishing Reports

Red River at Grand Forks- 8-10-17
Pro Staff
From Grand Forks, North Dakota
Posts: 2343
Catfishing is pretty good considering the low and hot water we are experiencing. The catfish are holding in the middle of the river, typically in the middle of the holes. The active fish are pretty quick to find the baits. The lack of current has the fish spread out so be sure to cast out a good wide spread of your rods if you can or even move baits around every few minutes to find the active fish. If you can find a good visible current fish near it as there will be catfish near by.

Baits are about the same as last week, frogs in the morning and evening with frozen sucker during the day. Cooler nights are bringing water temps down so the bait preference should switch back to fresh sucker or goldeye some in the days to come.

For safety above the dam in Grand Forks is good, below is fishable and boatable but exercise extreme caution if you go north.

Posted on: 2017/8/10 8:58
Capt. Brad Durick
LSF Pro Staff-
Red River Catfish Guide
Catfish University
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