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Re: Wright county inspection program
LSF Member
Posts: 193
So I fished Lake Sylvia yesterday, mainly so I could experience the inspection and get a comment card.

First: It is not in any way conveniently located - particularly to Lake Sylvia.

Second: It is not easy to find. Drove right past the signage, even though we were looking for it. Had to stop at the gas station, where a man told us that we had to go back to the east end of town to the Buisness Park. We went back there, saw the signs, turned in - and we saw no signs directing us which way to go. So we meandered around through a parking lot or two, came out, and just turned left because it was our only other option. We snaked around the business park, and finally saw a boat leaving ahead, and went where he came from, and found it.

Third: The people were very polite, did a visual inspection, saw my clean trailer, and sent us on our way.

When I arrived, there was a man who came in from fishing, had received a "violation" under his windshield wiper, saw me putting my blue tag in the box, so came and asked me what was up. He had driven to the lake, launched, fished, landed, and never saw a sign. They're there, but lack of awareness of signage almost makes them invisible.

I received a comment card at the station, which gives you an opportunity to login to the Wright County website and leave a comment. Here is the comment I left...

"This program is a sham. It is a naked power-grab by wealthy lake-home property owners, using their collective resources to coerce public officials to cynically use the threat of AIS to get what these property owners have always wanted - more exclusive use of "their" lakes, and less public traffic.

These lakes are already infested. If this effort was genuine in the least, resources would be used to wash boats AFTER they leave these lakes in order to prevent infestation of other lakes. The way the County Board dismissed these concerns out of hand at public meetings betrays the truth of the agenda.

If this abuse moves forward in 2018, I and several other extremely interested and invested sportsmen intend to organize a boycott of Annandale and Southaven retail businesses, and make them aware that the actions of Wright County elected officials and local lake property owners are going to negatively financially impact their businesses. Perhaps the specter of thousands and thousands of dollars abandoning the economies of these two towns will help bring the resistance to this into focus for the Wright County Board.

We understand that invasive species are a problem, and responsible sportsmen and recreational boaters have interest in keeping them at bay in whatever way we can, so long as our RIGHT to use PUBLIC waterways is not made oppressively difficult simply to satisfy the egos and entitled attitudes of Lake Association members. We respectfully but forcefully demand that you reconsider this cynical program and scrap it."

Posted on: 2017/10/21 16:32
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Re: Wright county inspection program
LSF Member
Posts: 344
Absolutely how I felt when I went there well done sir and Thank You!
Your reply is spot on.

Posted on: 2017/10/23 9:09
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