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Trail cam question
LSF Member
From Mora
Posts: 1729
Anyone using any of the spy point trail cameras? I just put a spypoint link evo out today and Im getting lots of false triggers mainly do to to direction its pointing. Just curious what kind of experience any of you have had with this camera

Posted on: 2017/10/17 17:06
2011 and 2012 team archery contest winner
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Re: Trail cam question
LSF Member
Posts: 159
False triggers are almost always caused by the wind. Mounting the cam higher than 3 feet increases the chance of wind false triggers . That being said ,using a sturdy tree is important, as swaying of the tree by windy conditions will surely increases false triggers. Using a sturdy pole is a good option. Blowing or moving weeds also could be the culprit, so clearing all weeds , and or branches should also help your situation.. All brands of cams are susceptible to wind false triggers .We currently are running 20 cameras on approximately 600 acres , and usually we have some false trigger issues to deal with , and for the most part , correcting the above matters cures all .. Good luck , I hope this helps you out ..

Posted on: 2017/10/18 7:38
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