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Snowmobile Trailer???
LSF Member
From St.Augusta, Brainerd Lakes Area.
Posts: 706
I am looking at buying a used tilt bed snowmobile trailer. They don't have registration for it and it does not have the lifetime sticker either. My question is how hard will it be to get the lifetime sticker from the DMV? I never owned a trailer yet so I don't know how it all works. Wondering if I shouldn't buy it because of this. Thanks.

Posted on: 2017/10/21 10:47
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Re: Snowmobile Trailer???
LSF Member
From cities during the week mille lacs on the weekends
Posts: 145
Just register it as a homemade trailer, fill out the application and pay the sales tax on "price" you pay for it.

Posted on: 2017/10/21 20:55
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Re: Snowmobile Trailer???
LSF Member
From Park Rapids
Posts: 243
A few years ago, I bought a 2 place Sled Bed snowmobile trailer from a friend of mine back in ND. He bought it new and had it for about 15 years. The ID tag with the VIN # on it is so faded you can't read all of the letters.

Took it to my local DMV and they said no problem. They have me a fabricated form to fill out and sent me on my way with a lifetime license.

A few months later I get a letter in the mail from the state saying that I can't license my trailer that way because it is not homemade. I never did follow up on this. Technically I am most likely not legal, however I think that unless I try to take it to Canada I will be fine.

Same thing with the 4 place aluminum snowmobile trailer I sold to my father in law. You can read part of the VIN, but not the whole thing. It did have a ND utility plate on it. I called ND DMV and they said they don't keep records of Utility plates. Dumbest thing I have ever heard. That one needs a regular trailer plate. Not sure where he is in the process of getting that done.

I would say if there is a VIN number that you can read, you should be fine.

Posted on: 2017/10/23 11:46
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