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Storage near hinckley
Supporting Member
Posts: 119
So I am looking to store my ice castle near Hinckley. Preferrably between Hinckley and Danbury. Just for rifle season so I don't have to haul it back and fourth for three weeks. Anyone live in that area or know of a place that's pretty reasonable? I will be making calls for the few storage places I've found online this week but any other leads to storage options would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

Posted on: 2017/10/23 9:36
let 'er buck
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Re: Storage near hinckley
LSF Member
Posts: 93
It's a shame I didn't see this post earlier. I have a place half-way between Hinckley and Danbury right on Hwy. 48. Is this for the Minn. or Wis. hunting season? We're there all through the hunting season. Probably could do it for next season if still interested.

Posted on: 2017/12/23 7:56
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