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Lost fishermen on Red Lake
LSF Member
Posts: 195

Red Lake Police Department: Missing fishermen reported after boat capsizes on Lower Red Lake

Search will resume Tuesday at 9 AM

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November 7, 2017

Late this Monday afternoon November 6, 2017, Red Lake Department of Public Safety (RLDPS) received a report of a boat that was capsized in the water near an area known as the "Cut Off" on the eastern side of Lower Red Lake.

It was also reported that the boat contained three occupants and one of the fishermen swam to shore and was rescued by some people passing by and the other two are still reported to be missing. The rescued fisherman was transferred to the Red Lake Indian Health Service hospital and was being treated for hypothermia.

The reported missing fishermen are identified as Deland Beaulieu, age 29 and a 17 year old juvenile male.

Following the report, immediate search and rescue efforts were established by the RLDPS Conservation Enforcement Division and Red Lake Fire Department for both the water and shorelines. The search and rescue mission on the lake was later called off due to another rescuer facing hypothermia.

However, law enforcement will continue to search the area throughout the night in the event the fishermen made it to shore.


Starting at 9:00am on Tuesday morning, a command center and registration station will be set up at Red Lake Fisheries for any volunteers wishing to assist in the searching the shoreline south and north of the "Cut Off". The Red Lake Band has also authorized administrative leave for any employees involved in the search. All volunteers are required to register.

Volunteers are asked to dress in a manner that will address the extremely cold temperatures coming off the lake and can bring their portable fish houses and heaters for warmth during the search. Locations for setting up the houses will be established tomorrow morning and shared at the registration station.

In addition, it will be extremely difficult in getting boats out onto the water due to shore freeze up and boaters are reminded to dress for extreme weather conditions and to add some additive to prevent gas lines from freezing while on the lake.

In the event anyone hears anything about these fishermen, please contact Red Lake Law Enforcement immediately. (218) 679-3313

Posted on: 2017/11/7 9:53
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Re: Lost fishermen on Red Lake
LSF Member
From Wright county
Posts: 245
I hope they're found alive, but don't expect a miracle at this point. Way too cold right now.

Posted on: 2017/11/7 10:12
You can't explain to a moron that they're a moron.
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Re: Lost fishermen on Red Lake
LSF Member
Posts: 193
Oh no. Awful.

Posted on: 2017/11/7 22:18
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