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lake Winnipeg
LSF Member
Posts: 216
I have been talking with the RM of St Clements (the municipality on the east side of Lake Winnipeg) trying to get them to help in providing "stuff" for ice fishers. Well today they put out RFP requests for proposals for washroom for Balsalm Harbour and Road 103 and possibly Beconnia.

I am told they will be trying to clear the entrances as well this year. BUT today Balsalm was blocked due to a huge snow drift. We have had major wind the last couple of days so they could not be blamed one bit for not having it open.

Fishing has been scattered, dirty water the farther out you go.

Open water still on the east side.

FOOLS driving out last sunday from Balsalm via trucks even 3/4 about a mile. 13" of ice at 12 feet of water.


Posted on: 2017/12/6 23:26
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