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Red lake walleyes
LSF Member
From Moorhead
Posts: 36
Just looking to see if my thoughts on this are off??? The walleyes we have caught this year are very fat and healthy. Previous they were like tubes and skinny. Obviously seeing all the shiners in the ice hole while fishing they have a lot of forage. Is this that the netting has taken enough fish out of the lake to where the predator fish and forage are at a good ratio? That my thought. Please chime in......also noticed catching a 21-26 walleye is rare. Is that the main size the nets are getting?.....thanks

Posted on: 2017/12/8 10:01
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Re: Red lake walleyes
LSF Member
Posts: 43
You definitely don't catch a lot or any over of 20". Even going back to the crappie boom days till now, I can't remember catching many 20 inchers. A few rogue biggers ones is all I can remember. As to why that is, I'm not sure??

Posted on: 2017/12/8 10:52
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Re: Red lake walleyes
LSF Member
From Ogilvie mn
Posts: 156
I have hardly ever seen any walleye over 20 coming out of red. Maybe just slower growth or stunted? Biggest i have ever seen is 23 incher out of their .

Posted on: 2017/12/8 14:33
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Re: Red lake walleyes
Staff Team
Posts: 4394
The walleyes I have caught since they opened it back up have all been really fat and in great shape. In 2008 I caught and released a 26.5 inch Red Lake walleye. Over 20 inchers on Red is not common but we have caught our share. I recently returned from two days on URL and caught 27 walleyes. Of those 27 walleyes three were under 15, three were 16 to 16.5 and the rest were over 17.5 inchers with a 19. 5 incher being the biggest. Last year I did get a 24 incher one morning. All I can say is I have never caught skinny walleyes on URL they have all been in great shape and really good fighters...........Kirk

Posted on: 2017/12/8 15:11
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