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Pelican lake
LSF Member
From Kimball, Annandale Area
Posts: 6
I drove by pelican lake by buffalo montecello and seen a ass ton of houses and people out there. I thought it was drained 3 feet and it froze out. Whats biting out there?

Posted on: 1/24 8:15:24
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Re: Pelican lake
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3589
No panfish to speak of but they are hammering the pike out there. Talked to a group of 10 that went flag chasing for a couple hours and had 26 they brought home and a good amount of throw backs. If you're into chasing flags it is the place to be and seeing as it's going to continue being lowered you might as well get it while it's good.

Posted on: 1/24 9:07:49
If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score? Vince Lombardi
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Re: Pelican lake
LSF Member
From St.Michael, New Ulm
Posts: 1553
Pike. and you might find some tiny crappies too.

I just asked the DNR guy for an update on the project:
The level it is at now will be the new normal level once the project is completed. Over the next 2-3 years it will be lowered about another 4 ft. Then after a year or so, allowed to rise to where it is at now. I guess don't quote me on the exact number of years. It kinda depends on how much rain we get.

This pretty much follows what is written up in the offical plan on the DNR website.

Posted on: 1/24 9:07:59
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