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Jiffy carb adjustments
LSF Member
Posts: 221
I actually have 2 Jiffy 30s that I don't use (due to the ION) and a fellow is interested in buying one. I had run them dry when I put them away so put in new Aspen 2 and after several primes got it to run and even idle. BUT

When I tried to throttle up it stalled unless I put the 1/2 choke on the carb.

I am sure this has been a subject of review before but cant find it.


Posted on: 2018/1/30 17:48
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Re: Jiffy carb adjustments
Staff Team
From Mayer , MN
Posts: 4728
More than likely the vacuum diaphragm got hard from age. Sometimes they will come around after they sit with fuel in them. Maybe try to bring it in the basement overnight? Otherwise it will need a carb kit installed. They jets are pretty good sized in those carb's so plugging is not usually an issue.

Posted on: 2018/1/30 19:26
LSF Staff
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