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Quick Outing
Staff Team
From Annandale
Posts: 3589
I made a quick run out late afternoon yesterday after work and set up over 17 FOW. The little perch were thick on the bottom and plenty aggressive. They would chase my frostee spoon all they way up to 7-8 FOW and hit it. About 30 minutes in the perch disappear and my dead stick bends and pulled in a little pike. As the sun went down I caught a shiner on the spoon and soon behind it the vexilar started to flicker like crazy in the middle of the column as a school of baitfish were cruising through under me. In those bait fish were lots of good marks and I managed 3 crappies in under 60 seconds out of that group but they had their hearts set on chasing that bait around and were gone almost as quick as they came in. Just behind that came the wind and blowing snow so I packed up and boogied out of there. Not a great outing but action is action.

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Posted on: 2/1 9:03:20
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Re: Quick Outing
LSF Member
From Monticello
Posts: 50
Sounds like fun!

Sounds a lot like my Clearwater fishing Sunday except I didn't catch anything .

Marked fish all morning, followed my jigs up every time I moved, but couldn't get a hit.

Posted on: 2/1 9:15:51
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Re: Quick Outing
LSF Member
From St.Michael, New Ulm
Posts: 1553
Looks like a good night of fishing! Yeah that wind came up quick. Wonder if any Hubs went sailing across the lake when that snuck up on people.

Posted on: 2/1 10:39:17
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